Our owners have been active community volunteers for over 30 years in the Greater Mankato area. They believe giving back, serving the community and generating awareness to important causes are imperative to creating a stronger, more vibrant community. Hope in Bloom’s goal is to increase awareness and raise funds for non-profit organizations working to improve the health and wellness of children and families through research, education, and mentorships. Each month, Hilltop Florist will partner with a different non-profit organization and design a custom arrangement donating 20% of the design’s proceeds to support their cause.



For the entire month of September, Hilltop Florist is partnering with Feeding Our Communities Partners to support the BackPack Food Program. The BackPack Food Program provides a weekend's worth of healthy, well-balanced meals in small bags. The bags are given to the students' teachers every Thursday to be discreetly placed into the child's backpack on Friday. The BackPack Food Program serves 1,200 students in 28 schools thoughout the Greater Mankato area. For more information on the BackPack Food Program, visit their website.

September Bouquet

To purchase this bouquet*, stop in or visit our online shop!

*This bouquet will not be exactly the same each time, but it will always look similar to the picture above.


Interested in Becoming a Future Partner?

Non-profit organizations interested in being a partner of this program can submit information below to kate@hilltopflorist.com.

  • Name of organization
  • Your Name
  • What is your role in organization
  • Website
  • Org EIN Tax ID
  • Organizational Cause